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Lunatech Hosts and Sponsors Clojure Meetup

28 Apr 2013

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At Lunatech we have always been enthusiastic about learning and championing new technologies in the quest for using the right tool for the job. We try to share our experince and learn from the vibrant developer community around us. In that spirit we participate in and sponsor various community events such as Play!ground and

Recently we started hosting a monthly meetup of EHRD.clj.

EHRD.clj is a new meetup for the Clojure enthusiasts in Rotterdam and the Hague area. We hosted the very succesful inaugural meetup at our office last month with Christophe Grand as keynote speaker.

Last wednesday we hosted the second meetup where we discussed various Clojure-related topics. The meetup has regular features such as Library of the month and This Month in Clojure. There was also a main talk about Pedestal by yours truly.

We plan to host the event every month and if you are interested in Clojure, join us by signing up for the meetup.