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First Play!ground in the Netherlands

02 Aug 2011

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Join us for the first Play!ground in the Netherlands. We love the Play framework so much that we decided it was time to organise an event to share our passion.

This is also the perfect opportunity to discover Play with Java and Scala or to ask more about Play’s advanced features. But most of all, a Play!ground is a fun event, so expect to enjoy yourself as well!


  • 16h15 Play framework introduction and advanced features, Nicolas Leroux and Peter Hilton, Lunatech

  • 17h15 Break

  • 17h30 Play framework and Scala, Erik Bakker, Lunatech

  • 18h00 Play framework in practice, Arne van den Ing, Connexys

  • 18h30 Borrel

The programme will begin with a presentation of the Play framework by Nicolas Leroux and Peter Hilton. Nicolas Leroux and Peter Hilton work for Lunatech and also happen to be contributors to the Play framework open-source project. The presentation will start with a quick introduction to Play and demonstrate a real practical example showing more advanced features. Peter and Nicolas will also discuss the business benefits of using the framework.

In the second presentation, Erik Bakker, another developer at Lunatech, will talk about using Scala with Play: how to get started with Play Scala and why you should keep an eye on this emerging technology.

In the third presentation, Arne van den Ing from Connexys will present how they are applying Play framework to their current project. What are the main differences in developing with Play framework and what are the real benefits of the framework? This will be a more practical presentation.

Of course, beer and networking are also part of the programme ;)

The Play!ground reached his maximum capacity. We’ll make sure to organise another one pretty soon. Stay tuned!