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Third Monthly Clojure Meetup at Lunatech

23 May 2013

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Third Monthly Rotterdam/The Hague Clojure Meetup at Lunatech

Yesterday it was time for yet another monthly meetup of EHRD.clj here at Lunatech.

We started with This Month in Clojure discussing new libraries in Clojure - from imagez to Tawny-OWL.

For Library of the month Carlo Sciolla, showed us how to get started with Misaki and how he uses Misaki to run Amsterdam Clojure Meetup Website.

The main feature of the evening was the Dojo coordinated by Chris Wilson. We had a quick intro to Midje and tried a simple TDD hacking dojo session - Converting Arabic numerals to Roman numerals. It was a fun evening with lots of interesting discussions and I think everyone liked participating in the Dojo.

Don’t forget to RSVP to our next monthly meetup if you are interested in all things Clojure.