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Lunatech presents at 010DEV

23 May 2012

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This week, on 25 May 2012, Peter Hilton will present In search of the perfect programmer at 010DEV. In Rotterdam, obviously.


The perfect programmer is something a lot of people have an opinion about. Being able to code is the only non-optional skill, but here are plenty other things you can be sufficiently bad at to make your project fail. What is the ideal background for a programmer?

In search of the perfect programmer

These days, it’s somewhat obvious to people in the software development industry that good software gets built by multidisciplinary teams. The catch is that there is no agreement at all about which disciplines you need to make up a good team, and we end up with a different mix for every new project or start-up company. If that weren’t bad enough, more disciplines means more team members, while what we usually need in software development is smaller teams, not bigger ones. What’s a software developer to do?

In search of the perfect programmer asks these questions and more. Come and join the conversation at 010DEV.