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September Play!ground in Rotterdam

22 Sep 2011

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Following the success of the August event, we are pleased to announce another Play Framework event, for software developers and technical managers.

This event is the perfect opportunity to learn practical techniques, learn more about Play’s advanced features and meet other Play developers. We also expect to have some fun.



To leave more time for networking, we are going to limit the next event to two presentations:

The programme will begin with a presentation of how to integrate jQuery UI widgets in a Play application. User-interface ‘components’ must be important, because when Matt Raible compared JVM web frameworks last December, he gave the Play framework null points for ‘components’. Although it is accurate to say that Play does not have ‘components’, in the sense that Play does not ship with a UI component toolkit/library/framework/whatever, but it also misses the point. This is because Play is designed to make it easy to use whatever client-side JavaScript-based user-interface layer you choose. For this presentation, jQuery UI components are Play UI components.

For the second presentation, Alexander Reelsen is flying over from Munich. This presentation about Play’s internals will look behind the curtain to reveal how some of Play’s magic works. We also hope that Alexander will sign our copies of his excellent book.

As always, beer and networking are an essential part of the programme.


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