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Business process visibility with ALEK

The Elasticsearch, logstash and Kibana combination (a.k.a. ELK) seems to be popular in devops for system monitoring, but is equally applicable to all time-based data. This article demonstrates using Kibana to provide visibility for a business process implemented using the Activiti Business Process Management (BPM) platform.

Speaking the language

It is an IT cliché to say that ‘you should speak the customer’s language’, which is like simply declaring that you should speak French to French people. Actually learning to speak French requires continued effort over a long period. Spending some time in France is a good idea as well.

Managing database transactions with Squeryl and Activiti

There are different ways you can use database transactions with business processes in Activiti. This article explains the options when using Scala and Squeryl.

Third-party Logistics (3PL) domain expertise

In 1996, Lunatech entered into a partnership with UPS Supply Chain Solutions (UPS-SCS), that led to the development of an innovative supply chain operations household-name global electronics and computer hardware vendors.

Benefits of remote working

Last week I discussed remote working with Lisette Sutherland, who interviewed me for her forthcoming book. We talked about my experiences as a software developer at Lunatech and started by considering the benefits of remote working.

Code review observations are not failures

Although we have had some success in introducing code review to teams, not everyone is clear about what it’s for, or how it’s supposed to work. Code review deserves some explanation.