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Dutch Clojure Meetup

05 Jul 2018

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Lunatech hosted the Dutch Clojure Meetup \#103 organised by Carlo Sciolla at our Rotterdam offices.  Clojure is an exciting programming language for the JVM. In this Meetup you will learn :

  • Teaching each other Clojure

  • Presenting ongoing work and new technologies/libraries

  • Hacking on our own Open Source projects (Dojo sessions)

  • Looking for Clojure startup opportunities If you have an idea about, or a project concerning ongoing Meetup(s) in Rotterdam / The Hague / Delft, about Programming Langage, JVM, IT student association, IoT, Big Data and more, don’t hesitate to contact us, Lunatech is super active in this field!

The Clojure community grow in Netherlands, join their Meetup or subscribe to their YouTube Channel for more.

To have a better idea, check the video link, a nice talk by Baruch Berger on an original topic ;) Thanks to Adrien Haxaire Gustavo De Micheli and Celeste Franco for their help.