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Fast Track to Scala - Training

18 Jan 2016

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On Feb 4 and 5th Francisco Canedo, Senior Developer at Lunatech and a Typesafe certified trainer, will be teaching Typesafe’s Fast Track to Scala Course at our office.

This course is designed to give experienced developers the know-how to confidently start programming in Scala. The course ensures you will have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of the language, the tooling and the development process as well as a good appreciation of the more advanced features. If you already have Scala programming experience, then this course could be a useful refresher, yet no previous knowledge of Scala is assumed.

See Typesafe’s training page for more information on course program.

The course starts each day at 9:00 with breakfast, lunch is also provided, and ends between 17:00 and 18:00 depending on the needs of the students and costs €600 per person.

If you are interested in joining the course, please contact us by sending a mail to or tweet us @LunatechLabs