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Riviera JUG news

15 Aug 2011

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If you are one of the +600 people who came to one of the Riviera JUG meetings, you will know that Lunatech Research is one of the key sponsors of this Java User Group.

Over the past (nearly) three years we have contributed to the creation of the largest Java conferences in the south of France, where every month we have presented to an average of 50 people per month the following technologies:

All this with the help of local, national and international speakers who make these events so rewarding.

Additionally, every year we have organised a larger conference, which keeps getting larger and larger, to the point that this year we will host it on two days with three tracks and a total of 35 talks under the name of Riviera DEV on the 20/21 of October.

Here are our past larger conferences:

Lunatech Research remains committed more than ever to this great community, because we love sharing knowledge and the attendees also love what we do :)

Lastly I would like to present the team behind the Riviera JUG, of which two are Lunatech Research employees:

  • Nicolas Leroux (Lunatech Research)

  • Yannis Bres (Stonesoft)

  • Stéphane Épardaud (Lunatech Research)