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Play framework meet-up at Devoxx 2010

15 Nov 2010

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Peter Hilton and Nicolas Leroux joined thousands of Java developers at Devoxx 2010, for technical talks, networking and Belgian beer. About 60 people went to our Wednesday evening for a Play framework meet-up, to talk to us about Play (Nicolas and Peter are both committers on the project), get free drinks and meet other developers.

About 60 people turned up at the Play framework meet-up at Axxes Café
About 60 people turned up at the Play framework meet-up at Axxes Café, sponsored by Lunatech and Zenexity

Recommended evening meet-ups

Monday 20:00: Seam, Infinispan and Arquillian Social, Kulminator. The Seam team are a great crowd that you should definitely meet, and Kulminator is the only place for serious beer drinkers.

Tuesday: er, we haven’t decided what to do on Tuesday yet, but there’s a good chance that we’ll be in Café au Lait, the best cocktail bar in Antwerp. Send us your recommendations via Twitter to @PeterHilton or @NicolasLeroux.

Wednesday 19:00: Play framework meet-up, AXXES Café. Come and talk to us about Play. Did we mention the free drinks?

Wednesday 21:00: French Java User Groups meet-up, AXXES Café. This will probably be big, given the huge involvement in Java open-source and Java User Groups in France. You probably need to be able to speak French for this one.

Thursday 19:00: Duchess BOF, location TBA.

Thursday 22:00: The Sound of Devoxx Party, Café Marmite, Trofbrug 8. This dodgy small dance bar is great fun, especially as it gets more crowded and louder the later you stay. Kudos to Robin Mulkers for picking the venue.

Recommended places to eat and drink