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Lunatech attending the 2nd Paris JUG anniversary

11 Feb 2010

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Stephane, Peter and I went to Paris for 2 days. Our agenda was quite full and we really had a great time.

The Paris JUG starred Sacha Labourey in a great presentation about French open source software, which explained the traps to avoid when making a living from open-source software. He actually came with a surprise guest, Marc Fleury, who joined him for the Q&A.

Sacha’s presentation was followed by six short talks about French open source software. Stéphane presented jax-doclets. He captivated the audience by showing them how easy it was to document REST APIs and XML bindings. People were already asking him for feature enhancements so I guess he will be quite busy during the next new weeks .

Guillaume Bort from Zenexity and myself, presented the Play! framework. I was pleasantly surprised by the audience’s positive reaction: it seems that there is a huge need in the Java world for such a framework/tool.

The event was really well organized by the Paris JUG team and the evening was wonderful. I also got more of a chance to explain the vision behind the Play! framework during the drinking event. More about that in a forthcoming post.

So, what else did we do during those two days? Guillaume and I had the chance to do an interview for les cast codeurs, I had a long talk with Habib Guergachi and Guillaume Bort from Zenexity about their visions and how Lunatech and Zenexity could work together, and finally we did a presentation for Octo’s developers.

So it was quite busy and I have to say that I am now quite exhausted, but full of ideas. Thanks again to the Paris JUG team and especially to Antonio.

In conclusion, two days well spent in Paris, a few hours of sleep, a great night and two rich days full of encounter.