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Lunatech attending the 2nd Paris JUG anniversary

05 Feb 2010

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Stephane, Peter and myself will be attending the 2nd Paris JUG anniversary Tuesday the 9th of February 2010. We will not only attend as we will be giving 2 presentations:

We have a busy evening ahead of us. We plan to talk about the RivieraJUG as well. Having excellent food and wine with all our fellow JUG leaders and Juggers is also one of our top priority ;) The evening looks very interesting. If you are nearby, don’t hesitate to come and talk to us, but hurry up and register as the seats are counted. We are planning to tweet about the event live to keep you posted (and we are nice enough to translate it into English ;)).

The complete programme of the event is available here. The good thing about the event being in Paris is that, for once, we do not need to do the presentation in English ;) A big thanks to the Paris JUG team for organising such an evening.

Rendez-vous à Paris alors!