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25 Jan 2010

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On July 1, 2009, the Dutch Electronic Disclosure Act came into force. The current official published versions of Staatscourant, Staatsblad and Tractatenblad are now available at Sdu Uitgevers, following a government mandate, made the transition from paper to electronic publishing. The government has developed an on-line service desk that mediates between the publications' submitters and producers.

Sdu asked Lunatech to design and build a number of systems to support the new workflow:

  • A comprehensive system supporting the entire work process from order intake to delivering the finished publication

  • Conversion from different XML formats to the new XML format for official publications

  • Converting XML documents to HTML (which must comply with the accessibility standards)

  • Converting XML documents into ODF (Open Document Format), the ISO standard format for 'office' documents

  • Adding metadata to PDF files to meet the PDF/A-1a standard

  • Reports on PDF files: number of pages with images and specific tags

  • Connecting the overall system to the on-line service desk and existing Sdu systems

Technical details

The overall system is built as a web application which makes use of the following technologies:

  • JBoss Seam Enterprise Application Framework

  • JBoss Rules (Drools ) to determine the necessary metadata and workflow for each document

  • SOAP MTOM for communication with the on-line service desk

  • Oracle databases

  • iText PDF library

  • The XML transformations are written in XSLT2 and use the Saxon XSLT processor

  • XML validation by Schematron