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VisibleLogistics - Supply Chain Visibility SaaS

11 May 2009

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Lunatech Research is the technology team behind BitLogistics, and have developed their VisibleLogistics platform - a SaaS supply chain management solution. Lunatech implemented VisibleLogistics using a cutting-edge open-source technology stack, based on the Java Enterprise platform. The project team, distributed across three countries, used an agile software development approach and Internet-based collaboration tools to maximise progress while controlling risk and costs.

The data model is flexible enough to fit a wide variety of business processes and different interpretations of common concepts. The technology advantage extends from the software itself to its architecture and development process. A plug-in architecture allows us to customise deployment for larger organisations, without affecting the core application software or suffering the development team inefficiency of maintaining parallel versions. Lunatech also provides custom development services to large enterprises, such as the United States Department of Defense, who deployed their own customised version in their secure Internet environment.