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Benelux JBoss User Group, 22 May 2009

29 Apr 2009

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We would like to invite you to our sixth Benelux JBoss User Group meeting: an evening of free technical sessions presented by JBoss and Lunatech developers.

We will meet in the Lunatech Research’s office in Rotterdam.


The programme will begin with a presentation of JBoss Reloaded by Carlo de Wolf from JBoss. Carlo de Wolf began his career in 1994 programming C applications for various applications. In 1997 he started using Java to develop desktop applications. He developed an application server based on the EJB 0.8 specifications for a large Netherlands bank and then was hooked on EJB. He has been with Red Hat for over three years working with a small team to produce the EJB 3 services for AS and EAP. The talk will explain the why and what of the new JBoss Reloaded project: JBoss Reloaded is the low-level base of all major upcoming JBoss releases that use MicroContainer and the Virtual Deployer Framework. Be it JBoss EJB 3 Embeddable, JBoss Embedded and of course JBoss Application Server.

In the second presentation, Joram Barrez, jBPM expert at RealDolmen and Co-founder of the JBoss User Group Belgium (, will talk about business Intelligence with jBPM4. It will show the usage of the new jBPM4 API and how to extract simple KPIs from the process executions.

In the third presentation, Peter Hilton, lead for the VisibleLogistics project, will talk about language localisation in JSF and Seam. He will introduces the mechanisms for internationalising a web application built using JavaServer Faces (JSF) application and the Seam Framework for language localisation (L10N).

Of course, beer and networking are also part of the programme ;)

Please register as soon as possible as we have a limited number of seats.