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Benelux JBoss User Group, 27 February 2009

03 Feb 2009

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We would like to invite you to our fifth Benelux JBoss User Group meeting: an evening of free technical sessions presented by JBoss and RealDolmen developers.

We will meet in the Lunatech Research’s office in Rotterdam.


The programme will begin with aJBoss Seam case study by Joris de Winne and Jeroen Verhulst from RealDolmen. The talk will explain the basic concepts of JBoss Seam covering how to create components, injection, outjection, scope levels, security…​ In addition, it will give an overview of the pros and cons of the technology illustrated by a practical example. Special attention will be paid to how to test a JBoss Seam application.

In the second presentation, Mark Proctor, lead for JBoss Drools, will talk about Rules, Workflow and Event Processing (often referred to as event stream processing or complex event processing) are at the heart of the Business Logic for most enterprises. Each one provides a declarative environment to model business problems, but is limited in the scope and range of problems it can define. Typically an enterprise will source each product from a different vendor and at some level tries to integrate the three. This integration is often very limited and superficial, such as processes only using rules for stateless decision services. This session presents the Business Logic integration Platform (BLiP) concept which offers an integrated and unified approach.

Of course, beer and networking are also part of the programme ;)

Please register as soon as possible as we have a limited number of seats.