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Benelux JBoss User Group, 20 June 2008

16 May 2008

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We would like to invite you to our fourth Benelux JBoss User Group meeting: an afternoon of free technical sessions presented by JBoss developers.

The JBoss User Group is growing and even our last location is now too small, so once again we arranged something special: we will meet in the Staal Zaal in Rotterdam. i-Portal Rotterdam has kindly agreed to sponsor the event by providing us with a sumptuous room.

Staal Rotterdam

  • Date: Friday, 20 June 2008

  • Time: Arrival 1330-1400, presentations start 1400, finish 1830-1900, open bar 1900-2000

  • Location: Staal, Beursplein 33, 3011 AA Rotterdam (map)


The programme will begin with a complete presentation of JBoss Portal. Julien Viet, founder and lead developer, will introduce JBoss Portal, and together with Thomas Heute, core developer, will dive into the specifics of JBoss Portal and introduce the latest developments . In the second presentation, Emmanuel Bernard, lead for Hibernate Search and Hibernate Validation, core developer of Hibernate , will show us how easy it is to integrate Hibernate Search in our project. In the third presentation, Clara Ko and Linda van der Pal, founders, will tell us all about women in I.T. Why are most of the people working as software engineers female? Why are men not attracted to a career as software engineers? We are testing if you are following the program, of course :) In the fourth and last presentation, Kris Verlaenen, will introduce and show us the JBoss rules engine: Drools. He will guide us on how and when to use a rules engine, and tell us about the specifics of JBoss Drools. In case you get thirsty, there will be an open bar where you will get the chance to talk with the speakers around a nice glass of wine or a cold beer. The jBPM team - Tom Baeyens and Koen Aers - will be present as well, so that might be your chance to talk with them. Please register as soon as possible as we have a limited number of seats.