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Eximion - Next generation web games have arrived!

28 Jun 2007

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Who says gaming is all fun? Well, Eximion, one of our portfolio companies does. Those who thought Holland only produced tulips and wooden shoes should think again! Out of their converted student home, Eximion from Eindhoven in the Netherlands, have worked for two years on their 'new style' web game platform. Last week the covers were pulled off this labour of love…​ the Kalydo platform.

The 'Kalydo platform' is a technology package which enables the creation, deployment and usage of advanced 3D web applications, such as games. Pivotal to the 'Kalydo Platform' is that everything runs directly through your web browser with unsurpassed ease and it’s absolutely free to use. That is of course unless you prefer playing even higher quality games with extra features, in which case they do ask a small payment. The platform will be opened to third party developers who would like to develop their own games using Eximions' technology in the coming months.

To officially open the platform, they invited the Burgemeester (Mayor) of Eindhoven to kill some aliens. Apparently, the Mayor can hold his own in a hostile 3D environment!

We recommend you have a look at the games and experience for yourself the next generation of casual web gaming. There is lots of work to do still for the folks at Eximion, but the feedback they have been getting is very positive. More games and improvements will be rolling out fast and furious. The efforts have not gone unnoticed, they recently made the list of the top 25 innovative young companies in the Netherlands.