LunaConf 2020

Lunatech is organising its first internal conference, the LunaConf, in its new offices on Hofplein, in Rotterdam. By Lunatechies, for Lunatechies, with some friends of Lunatech as speakers. Twelve talks, four courses and three rooms. The four offices gather in one place to connect, learn en party. Follow us on social media to see it from the inside!


'Pikachu' Room

11.30 AM
Hacking Da Room W/ Raspberry Pi
By Willem Jan Glerum (Lunatech)

02.00 PM
Akka Typed & Scala 3
By Eric Loots (Lunatech)

03.00 PM
Scala VS. Kotlin
By Joost Heijkoop

04.00 PM
Metals + LSP = Scala <3
By Chris Kipp (Lunatech)

'Alien' Room

11.30 AM
Quarkus & Graalvm
By Stéphane Epardaud (red Hat)

02.00 PM
Vert.X 4.0
By Paulo Lopes (Red Hat)

03.00 PM
Reactive Programming
By Fabio Tiriticco

04.00 PM
Akka 2.6
By Manuel Bernhardt

'Space Invaders' Room

11.30 AM
GRPC Making Your First Call
By Pedro Ferreira (Lunatech)

02.00 PM
USSD Service W/ Akka Typed
By Olushola Akinmolayan (Lunatech)

03.00 PM
Kubernetes Securing The Platform
By Siva Jeyakkodi (Lunatech)

04.00 PM
Akka Persistence Typed
By Renato Cavalcanti (Lightbend)